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Having been founded in Konya in 2007, our company contributes to formation of natural living spaces by utilizing the naturally found marble and travertine in our country. Combining high quality raw materials with modern technology and experienced technical staff, our company offers natural stone production and implementation, which adds value to structures, to domestic and overseas markets with great care and attention.
Our biggest advantages while processing these matchless beauties of the nature are the great interest in our stone features and product range in such a way to cover all countries of the world and delivery of products on time thanks to our high capacity.
Kamir Marble shall always continue processing this elegance that adds life to structure with the logic of creating the best in the industry relying on the traces of the past…

Vision :
Kamir Marble has combined high quality and professional approach. The management of the company reacts to any problem on time and obtains good results with its professional managers.

Maintaining the leader position in Turkish Industry with Total Quality Management philosophy while increasing the capacity, using the underground resources of our country most efficiently and suitably, contributing to the economy of the country and producing services and products at international quality standards with the aim of creating value for new achievements.