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World of Natural Stone

In recent years Natural Stones has been revived by using it as decorative arts of the ancient city with mosaics, marble and other natural stones, small pieces of regular and irregular spapes where people had been using in the most primitive circumstances.

To know details and to predict the application determines the stability of the work.

As a result of increasing usage of natural stones and marbles, as well as forfiling set standarts in production there is also need to diversify the product range to market them succesfully. In this respect, apart from the well-known and widely used polished stones and marbles, severeal surface finishing techniques have been developed lately. However, each natural stone idicate differen characteristics although they are in the same geological group. The suitable surface finishing processes should be developed and applied by taking characteristics of the stone itself and the purpose of usage. The main surface finishing processes in production of decorative stones are honning, polishing, flamming, mumbling, sand blasting, bush hammering, filling, natural cleft and acid washing. While some of theese techniques are applied manually by hand, the surface of some other stones have been processed mechanically by machines. As they have very broad application field, the of theese type of processed natural stones and marbles in market place has increased.

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